Clean Air Technologies is a trusted problem solver for industries around the globe. Whether it’s providing safe lint removal systems for trans-globe cruise ship companies of air scrubbers to keep workers safe deep below the earth’s surface, Clean Air has proved to be a reliable partner.


For more than 25 years, Clean Air has refurbished HVAC systems and cleaned ductwork aboard cruiseships, cargo vessels, ferries and submarines. Our extensive background in the marine industry was the catalyst for us to launch our research and development department of Clean Air Technology to meet the needs of fire safety concerns aboard vessels due to laundry lint. We developed state-of-the-art lint removal systems that have been adopted by fleets around the globe and ensure passenger and crew safety.


Mining operations generate significant toxic air from silica and stainless steel welding. CATi has met the demanding needs of the industry with cutting-edge filtration as well as corrosive air removal systems to create a safe work environment.


Chlorine, ammonia and toxic fumes are generated by pools, arenas and sewage treatment plants and cause considerable concern for facility managers. CATi has addressed those needs with industrial air scrubbers and complete filtration systems.

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